Potable Water Storage Tanks Capabilities


Caldwell’s commitment to quality starts in our state-of-the-art engineering department. Proprietary programs and custom application software give us the capability to analyze and refine designs with ease and efficiency. Using advanced computer technology, we have developed multi-function drawings on our CAD systems that allow us to retrieve a complete computer record of each project down to its individual parts.


Caldwell has two fabricating facilities that combine over 330,000 square feet of controlled environment. Our fabricating plants in Louisville, KY and Newnan, GA feature state-of-the-art fabrication, welding, and painting equipment. Our experienced plant personnel cut, form, and weld steel plates to fabricate and assemble large portions of tanks at the manufacturing facilities – ensuring quality output.


Caldwell’s tanks are built by trained Caldwell employees, experienced in water tank construction and trained on the safety issues unique to the industry. All field crew members are certified welders, with years of hands-on experience with all types of tanks. Equipped with mobile construction vans and all of the tools necessary for complete installation at any site, Caldwell’s crews can provide optimum construction and welding capabilities. All field personnel receive safety training from Caldwell’s Safety Director and all tank accessories and construction methods are in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Project Management

Caldwell’s on-going mission is to complete every project with the highest degree of quality on time and on budget. Our project manager ensures that this mission is carried out successfully. Our assigned project safety specialist ensures compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations, administers employee safety meetings and loss control programs and analyzes job hazards. Our in-house certified project managers are responsible for many tasks throughout a project, including the planning, execution and closing of a project.