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Bids Awarded for Water Tank, Line Upgrades

Two bid awards will get sizable city projects under way, including the construction of an elevated water tower to serve the southeastern side of Clinton and water line upgrades for various neighborhoods across the city. “Both came in under the estimate of the engineer,” City manager Shawn Purvis told City Council, which quickly approved the […]

Construction Underway on New $2.85 Million Mandeville Water Tower

Construction is underway on a new water tower on the eastern edge of Mandeville that should improve water pressure in parts of the city. The new 750,000-gallon, single pedestal tower is being built on Rapatel Street off U.S. 190 near Fontainebleau State Park. Although the structure has not yet risen from the ground, the site […]

New One-Million Water Tank in Place Atop Spring Hill

NORWALK — Contractors worked atop the newly built one-million gallon water tank on Spring Hill on Friday afternoon, part of a nearly $9 million project by the First District Water Department to boost water pressure and reliability. “The three reasons we’re doing this: water quality, reliability of the system and fire-flow protection,” said Dominick M. […]

PARIS TN: Springville Water Tower Shell Now In Place

A gigantic piece of the puzzle for the Springville Utility District was lowered carefully into place Thursday afternoon on Poplar Grove Road. While SUD board members watched nearby, a crane from Western Crane Services set the 30-ton top section of the district’s new water tower gently onto its base on Poplar Grove Road. The section […]

Caldwell Tanks Opens Des Moines Office

Press Release Contact: Carter Spoelstra                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Regional Sales Manager                           […]

New Firehouse Taking Shape Along Missouri 179

A new Jefferson City Fire Station No. 3 is about 70 percent complete. Located just off Rock Hill Road, the $2.2 million facility will replace the Industrial Drive station, which was built in 1966. The new firehouse will feature separate men’s and women’s housing, and can serve as a backup location for the 911 center. […]

An Introduction to Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs

           Internal floating roofs (IFR) first found their place in the oil industry to conserve product and prevent fires. Later, they were required for controlling hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, as regulated by the U.S. EPA. An IFR tank has a floating deck below a fixed roof. The floating deck rises and falls along with […]

‘Hunger Games’ Filming Resuming at Caldwell Tanks

Filming has resumed at Caldwell Tanks in Newnan for “The Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay.” A film crew began building the set in an unused Caldwell Tanks manufacturing building on East Broad Street in early November to prepare for filming. The first shoot began on Dec. 18, which only lasted two days. On Wednesday and Thursday, […]

‘Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay’ Begins Filming at Caldwell Tanks

  Filming began Wednesday at Caldwell Tanks in downtown Newnan for “The Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay.” Police officers and security guards lined the perimeter of the complex to dissuade any trespassing on the blockbuster film set. Inside the gate, the grounds of Caldwell Tanks were filled with trailers. Activity beyond security personnel was not apparent, […]